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Valentine's DayIt’s that time of year again, when expressing your love means big money for greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates. Well, with your outdated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting system you’ve spent years together helping each other to grow your business.  At least that’s what you’ve thought.  Let’s review 3 warning signs that your ERP Valentine has “lost that loving feeling.”


In the beginning, you needed something special to help grow your company. You didn’t have the money to buy some expensive model, so you lovingly built something yourself. You customized every aspect over years so “she” was perfect.  But that seems like years ago.  Your company has grown and your custom program just isn’t compatible anymore.  You know you need to end it.  It would be better for both of you, but you hang on because you think “No one can do the things “she” can do, she’s my ERP Valentine.”  But today’s ERP systems not only can be personalized more than ever before, but customizations can be made to perform that special task without affecting the whole system and preventing you from staying current on the latest ERP version & keeping up with your competition.


When you first worked together it was a true partnership. Together, you worked hard to ensure the company needs were met to easily outwit the competition.  But lately you’ve had that sinking feeling that “he” just doesn’t care anymore and isn’t pulling his weight. You’ve had to sneak off to disparate little apps here and there just to get things done. You don’t feel right about it. Stop it!  What you need is an ERP system that integrates across the company to gain efficiencies & save time.  There are only so many hours in a day, why waste them sneaking around.  Today’s ERP are systems you’ll never outgrow because they have the depth to continue to grow with you and your company.  A lifelong partnership you deserve.


It started out passionate & rocky, but everything smoothed out and you thought this was going to last forever.  Lately though, it seems you’re fighting over how to do things on a daily basis. The processes that once worked now seem outdated and the sad fact is with each upgrade, your ERP Valentine and your company is moving farther apart.  Your ERP now forces “bells & whistles” on your processes that make it 10 times harder than before the last upgrade.  They think it’s progress, but you would prefer options.  That’s when you know your ERP is leaving you.  Slowly at first, but you know the day is coming when it just won’t work anymore.  End the frustration now.  Find the ERP system which offers choices instead of demands and you look forward to each upgrade.


Once you’ve found your true love, as I have, each day is Valentine’s Day, just not as expensive.  It’s the same with your ERP Valentine. Heed the warning signs and if you need a romantic novel check out an ERP Implementation Guide or talk with matchmakers like us.  We want you to find that true ERP Valentine.

About the author, Rick Rusch | Cyber Security Evangelist

For over 25 years Rick has helped companies utilize technology safely & productively. Recognizing the dangers of the Internet age several years ago, Rick has passionately focused on cybersecurity to help clients guard their reputations & their most precious asset, their digital data.

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