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The Dangerous Cost of FREE in the Internet Age

We’re all trying to find bargains. This is particularly true when you have a small business because every penny counts. One of the first things you try is to search

Small Business Cyber Security, The Ostrich Effect

Some small business owners will realize I’m describing them after they read this blog about cyber security, but most c-level guys won’t see it and even if they do, they

Anti-Virus Fail, Ticking Time Bomb

WHY!?  If you’ve been hit by a ransomware or other malware attack in the last couple of years, that’s your first question, why.  You’ve spent good money (or at least

ERP Real Estate: Location, Location, Location – Where to House your Applications & Data

We’ve often heard this in real estate.  It’s all about location.  Where you house your ERP applications & data is no different. It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. 

Customer Service Excellence, Building Loyalty

Finding new clients seems harder then ever.  It’s a long process to obtain a client, but in the blink of an eye, we can lose them. Why? Perhaps it isn’t

5 Simple Tips to Protect Sensitive Data

Effective cyber security guidelines can be confusing and compliance may seem expensive.  Yet there are simple and inexpensive tips you can take to secure your sensitive data.  The first thing

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), What is It?

Hearing the word ERP can make even a CEO wonder, “what is that?” Simply explained, ERP is an industry acronym describing business management software that a company can use to

ERP Valentine. Does Your ERP Really Love You?

It’s that time of year again, when expressing your love means big money for greeting cards, flowers, and chocolates. Well, with your outdated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting system you’ve

Phishing Emails – 6 Ways to Spot Them Before a Painful Click

A phishing email is now the number one way cyber criminals use ransomware to attack their victims, like your small business. Don’t understand what ransomware is? Click HERE to learn

Ransomware is a $1Billion “Risky Business”

(subtitle:  What is Ransomware?) ZDNet reported in September, 2016 the cost of ransomware could reach $1Billion in 2016. To show the scope of this epidemic, in 2015 the total paid